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Some ancient creatures were not dinosaurs – they were reptiles. Some didn’t walk on  legs at all – they swam in the ocean! Others flew – they were called pterosaurs. Scientists think many dinosaurs were related to birds.


I think dinosaurs are awesome! I like learning about them every day. I hope you will like learning about dinosaurs as much as I do.

Welcome to Alonzo's Dinos!

Hi! My name is Alonzo Padron, and I'm a dinosaur expert (and junior paleontologist). I made this website to help everyone learn about dinosaurs

and to show my dinosaur pictures to the world.

Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. There were three time periods: first came the Triassic, then the Jurassic, and last was the Cretaceous. Dinosaurs that walked on two legs were called bipedal. The ones that walked on four legs were called quadrupeds. Some were herbivores and others were carnivores. The dinosaurs that ate fish were called piscivores. The dinosaurs that ate everything were called omnivores.


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